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Dr. Sharp's software gets acquired!

Written by Ian Sharp PhD on December 18th, 2019

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Just a few years working on another app! This is a big win today for me and for doctors in tech.

It's one thing to be able to write great software. However, unfortunate when it collects dust sitting on a shelf somewhere in cyberspace; which happens a lot! It's another thing entirely to be recognized and to get acquired in the market place. Really good feeling today.

This is a testament to what one person can accomplish with enough specialization not only writing software but cultivating the ability to think. Today I get to say "I wrote an app and it got acquired!"

Most business people still believe you need a giant team of developers - outsourced, insourced or whatever to get a product to market. And FOR MOST people that is probably true - a lot of heartache, time-waste and financial drain will also be true for them. BUT every talent pool is going to have a distribution, and distributions can have outliers. For this particular app I was able to automate away the need for over 80% of the programming; accommodating changing requirements with minimal effort - which would have been impossible with a one man-show, let alone an army. How? By seeing the big picture and inventing architecture. You too can become an outlier by working diligently over a lifetime, building product and being willing and able to learn and do what other people are not... Think!

Doctors have to be at the upper-end of the hard-work and information-learning distribution. It's the price of admission to graduate and medical school. So I encourage fellow doctors who already know how to study longer and work harder to continue push. Evolve. Reach farther and get involved in technology. Your opportunity for growth is huge. You already have what it takes. Now you can cultivate the skill. You can become a software engineer. You can make products and sell them in the market.

For more info on the acquisition you can go here

This is The Good Doctor Sharp signing off. Remember to read my blogs here for more advice on how to create and sell software companies.


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