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Written by Ian Sharp PhD on December 5th, 2020

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Pleased to announce that $0 in capital has been raised and that operations are already profitable, thanks to you and your support.

I would like to thank the evolved physician students who have decided to STEP UP - learning to write software. As I write, every student owns their own software company and has also raised $0 in capital.

For the doctor entrepreneurs selling much needed courses online, it's an honor to have been selected as the professional services to build your brand and host your digital content.

For the physicians tired of working for what is now referred to as "the hospital jail warden", thanks for having the courage to STEP OUT and for trusting us to open your virtual telemedicine clinic. We're honored you've chosen the doctors in tech platform to connect you with patients and help you achieve the freedom and autonomy you're looking for in your practice. We put an end to the redundant copy/paste EHR you hate so much, and we're just getting started.

Folks who understand that nothing will change until you do. I wanted to list some of the top telemedicine companies below along with how much capital they have raised, pulled from

Company Capital
Teladoc $172 million USD
Practice Fusion $157 million USD
AmWell $100 million USD

My opinion is that raising capital is no longer a badge of honor, instead is it more often a cause for alarm. Sebastian Quintero of Invariant Studios pointed out that 80% of Series A companies fail to exist and 97% fail to raise the following round. Keep going until you get to a Series H raise of capital and 72% still fail to exit, while 82% fail to raise the next round. Thank you for that Sebastian.

If you've been reading my blogs, you know that once you take the money once, you usually have to take the money again... forever... and if you can't get more? Game Over. You're another statistic on, which is why I typically advise "never take the money", and I also follow my own advise.

Resutls? DOCTORS IN TECH is profitable, year one. We are not "looking for the exit". We're here on the ground floor doing the work and looking forward to more. That is one more reason that makes our platform a reliable, stable and long-term solution for your virtual telemedicine clinic and other software service needs. Let's break through even more boundaries in the year ahead.


Ian Sharp PhD

If you are a physician and you've had enough and are ready to open your own private practice, and your specialty is one that can at least partially function with telemedicine (e.g psychiatry, primary care, family medicine, pedatrician, dermatology, etc.) I personally guarantee we can set you up with your very own virtual telemedicine clinic in 30 days or less. Imagine having your own practice and NOT going into any debt to get there, because with telemedicine, there is NO NEED to rent or buy commercial real estate to get started. If you are ready work part-time or full-time book in your new clinic, schedule an appointment with me below and we will start the process to get you up and running ASAP.


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