DIY Tech Company

Custom tailored education

1 year

Includes: an initial consult, custom online coursework, and hands-on office hours with Dr. Sharp.

Be someone with integrity

DIY Tech Company starts with an initial consult with Dr. Sharp to decipher exactly what it is that you want to build. Within 24 hours, Dr. Sharp will build course work syllabi and deliver the lectures that take you from 0 all the way to a polished tech company.

No background in software engineering is required. In fact, no background is preferred. It's much easier to teach a blank slate (tabula rasa) then it is to teach a student with rigid beliefs.

The benefits of "do it yourself" cannot be understated. Kick investors to the curb and achieve your goals at a fraction of the cost. Forget wasting months or even years of your life trying to scam software engineers into equity exchanges. Be someone with integrity. Instead use your months and years to move toward your goal. With DIY Tech Company, you are the founder. As long as you follow our solution, you will NEVER:

When you use Dr. Sharp's expertise to leverage building out your own tech company, you can be sure to:

What are you waiting for? See if your project is one Dr. Sharp wants to help you with. This is a limited time offer. Future students may not get the same level of time and devotion as seats fill up. Dr. Sharp's time is limited, so start now and secure your place today.

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