Tech Turnaround

Software, Pilot, Knowledge transfer

3 Months

Includes a FIPS 140-2 secured stack, duplicate test environment and big-data architecture at scale. The Tech-Turnaround Plan starts with a business consult and is followed by a full software rewrite. Next we perform User Acceptance Testing on a pilot of your choice and completed the process with our digital knowledge transfer.

Turnaround your software company

and deliver what you promised. Our service is ideally suited for those who have put 3 to 6 years into their software company and have little or nothing to show for their time and their efforts. This offer is meant for the software company that is tired of running toward a finish line that keeps getting moved further into the future. This offer is not for everyone. We have stringent requirements for what kind of customer can be accepteed into this plan. First, to see if this offer is right for you, please check the following conditions.
If your non-technical founders history of beliefs matches the following:

If your non-technical founder has not made this belief transformation yet, then you are not ready for our Tech-Turnaround service. Read no further. If they have undergone this belief transformation then read on. You also need to confirm your investors beliefs have undergone the following transformation.

If your founding team and investors have all undergone the above belief transformations then all stakeholders involved must agree to our terms of service to proceed. In order to be selected as a customer, you must agree to forfeit all rights to influence decision with respect to:

If we can agree to all this, then we can turnaround your software company in 3 months or less. That is our guarantee. Simple. If not, then you are not going to be a good fit for us. More on that below.

We can only help people who accept all of our help. A tech-turnaround plan is not piecemeal from the software's perspective. It involves complete destruction and a complete rebuild. We look at the system as a whole. A change in one place can disrupt the entire system in a seemingly unrelated area. We opt today to not have the future problems of tomorrow. Therefore if a single stakeholder in your company refuses to abide by our Software Company Turnaround terms of service in its entirety, then we cannot help you. Please go no further. We wish you the best.

On the other hand, if everyone can agree to our terms of service and are willing to place full decision making authority in our hands, we are looking forward to removing this burden so you can achieve your desired success, once and for all.

We do not take this kind of work lightly. Once engaged, the full DOCTORS IN TECH ® engineering team we will be all hands on deck. It's your time to make it happen. Click below.

fine print Once service is started this agreement cannot be terminated and must continue until completion. There are no refunds. We are dedicated to your success. If you want this to work, it is going to work. We have a 100% client success rate and 100% of our clients rates us 5 out of 5 stars. User acceptance testing is good for one pilot only. Scope creep will be defended against with an iron clad fist. This service does not include ongoing dev-ops once completed, that will be your responsibility and is handled by the knowledge transfer. Your dev-op responsibilities, include but not limited to: database health checks, scaling of RAM, disk space and cleanup of logs to ensure continuous up-time.

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